Saturday, May 18, 2013

Local Author a Success as Self-Published SF Writer

The author is from Monroe, NC (just down the road from me) and the book is Wool.

And he's been so successful with his self-published effort that, like Larry Correia and Marko Kloos, he's parlayed his success into a contract with publisher Simon & Schuster.

And the best part, for readers anyway, is that the first Wool story is available for free at Amazon's Kindle Store.

Right now I'm reading Take the Star Road by blogger Peter Grant a.k.a. Bayou Renaissance Man, but I'll start Wool right after that.


Carteach said...

Thanks" I was looking for my next read. Good timing.

Just finished Peter's boo, and traveling through another Sarah Hoyt book at the moment.

Bob said...

@Carteach: I'm loving Peter's book so far. Don't know how good Wool will be, the article sort of disparaged the writing. Lot of people have bought it, though.

I've never read Sarah Hoyt, but have heard of her. Thanks for pointing her out.

Mjolnir said...

I read was a fantastic read...didn't know it was self-published though. I received as a gift for

Bob said...

@Mjolnir: Thanks for visiting! Always glad to have a new reader!