Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mr. Forthcoming

That would be White House Press Secretary Ron Ziegler Jay Carney:

Nichols began asking when the White House Counsel had communicated her knowledge of the IRS scandal to other members of the White House (such as the Chief of Staff). He wanted to know on what exact date she had reported this to others (April 24 or 25?) and by what means she had communicated this (verbally, emails, etc.?) At this point Jay Carney became visibly annoyed to have his story questioned so closely, and began asking Nichols what exactly he was getting at. Nichols answered, "I'm trying to find out who knew and when did they know it," and added that Carney had previously chided the press corps for asking vague, general questions, and said, "Now I'm asking specific questions, and you're accusing me of being petulant."

Jay Carney sarcastically said, "No one would ever accuse you of being petulant."

"Or you [of being] forthcoming," Nichols answered.

Reminiscent of those old exchanges between Nixon and the young Dan Rather, huh?

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