Monday, July 22, 2013

Meanwhile, Down In Rock HIll, SC...

...a drunk woman was arrested after pole-dancing with a lamppost.

Maybe she's secretly a superhero:

By day a mild-mannered restaurant waitress...when a cry for help goes out, Jessica Smith runs outside and begins grinding on the nearest lamp post, and transforms into...STRIPPERGIRL! Bullets just bounce off of Strippergirl's invulnerable implants! Able to crack the most powerful villain's head LIKE A WALNUT between her VICELIKE THIGHS! She blinds men with the argent radiance of her peroxided hair! Don't anger her, lest she take you to the CHAMPAGNE ROOM OF CERTAIN DEATH!

1 comment:

Rev. Paul said...

Either you've got a wicked sense of humor, or you've been at the computer too long.

Keep it up. :)