Saturday, July 27, 2013

Meanwhile, In Fort Mill, SC...

...a nutcase woman masquerades as a federal agent:

Deputies were called to the Clarion Hotel on Foothills Way near Carowinds after receiving calls from the manager that a 45-year-old woman was at the hotel although she had been asked not to return, the report states. The manager told deputies that a new employee unaware that the woman was not welcome booked the woman into an eighth-floor room.

The woman claimed to be a federal agent, according to the manager, who told police that she did not believe the story, the report states. The manager told deputies the woman identified herself a federal agent to other hotel guests and took their IDs. It’s unclear what she did with the IDs.

The manager told deputies she did not want the woman on hotel property and asked that she be removed, the report states.

Authorities spoke with the woman at her room. She told them that she was an agent with the federal Department of Justice under Secret Service, the report states. When a deputy asked to contact her supervisor to verify her employment, she told police she did not have a number, but her supervisor was “General Abernathy.”

She showed deputies an ID card, but “the quality was questionable at best,” the report states. The Department of Justice seal was “blurred as if printed on a low-quality printer,” and the woman had no other form of ID, telling police that she was not required to carry a driver’s license.

She did have a car, police said, where she had several black uniforms with no identification on them except for the word “Agent” above the front left pocket of the shirts, the report states.

The woman told police she was unable to discuss why she was in the area, and that she was never issued a badge. She became upset that the manager called police and told deputies that her cover was blown.

The woman, deputies said, did not provide “adequate information to prove that she was working for the federal government, but deputies could not disprove her employment either at the time of the incident.”

LOL. Two people I used to work with now work at that hotel. And hark at the sheriff's deputies not knowing whether she actually was a federal agent! LOL! (To make it easy for you: the Secret Service is part of the Department of Homeland Security, not the Department of Justice.)


TOTWTYTR said...

My guess would be that a phone call to the local office of the FBI would result in real federal agents showing up to have a "chat" with the lady.

These deputies must have come from the remedial police academy.

Bob said...

@TOTWTYTR: It was South Carolina, after all. ;-)