Monday, July 15, 2013

Treasure Blog: Gold Doubloons, Florida Coast

From the 1715 treasure fleet, wrecked by a hurricane off Florida's east coast.


When I was a teenager in Florida, in love with the idea of pirates and buried treasure, I discovered an advertisement for coins from the 1715 fleet in the back of a coin magazine, and sent off for their catalog. The prices were such that all I could afford as an unemployed teenager was a 1-real (pronounced "ray-all," meaning "royal") coin for around $75. (The centerpiece of the catalog collection was a gold ring set with emeralds, for which they wanted $15,000). Anyway, all these years later I still have that tiny coin, here it is:


Stephen said...

Today, and today only, I give 'ya eighty bucks for

Bob said...

@Stephen: I think I'll keep it, Stephen. It's in a box with all the other coins I've accumulated down through the years. When I pass it will be my version of Billy Bones's "Bones, His Pile." But thank you for the offer. :-)

ProudHillbilly said...

Real-ly cool!

Old NFO said...

Nice piece of history, and 'my' luck, I'd have lost it years ago... sigh