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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Favorite Scene From Favorite Movie

Wyatt Earp (Kevin Costner) meets Doc Holliday (Dennis Quaid) for the first time, from the movie Wyatt Earp:

That bit with the whiskey bottle was masterly. Watch Doc's eyes narrow when he sees how fast Wyatt's reflexes are; then, realizing Wyatt doesn't represent a threat to him, he smiles, amused by it.

Here's a bonus scene from later in the movie:


Old NFO said...

Yep one of the few 'good' ones Costner was in.

ProudHillbilly said...

Now, see, all I could think of throughout that movie was that I was so bored my teeth hurt and afterwards that I'd never get those wasted couple of hours of my life back...

Bob said...

@Old NFO: I think that Costner got a bit swell-headed after the success of Dances With Wolves, and thought he was as good at picking out good projects as he was at acting.

@ProudHillbilly: Tombstone is definitely a more exciting movie than Wyatt Earp; Kurt Russell nails the look of Wyatt Earp much better than Costner does. Wyatt Earp is far closer to what actually happened, much of the dialogue ("Let 'em have it!" "All right.") coming from the inquest that occurred after the gunfight. Dennis Quaid's portrayal of Doc is far closer to reality than the mincing, huckleberry-picking that Val Kilmer indulged in.