Monday, August 12, 2013

Spock's Brain Was Not Available For Comment

"The Barren Wombs of Smart Women."

The writer's thesis is that the higher the IQ of a woman, the less likely she is to want children:

Western sophisticates claim that the world already has enough people, and many tend to see it as a matter of conscience to not breed. The problem is that hordes of Third Worlders suffer no such ethical qualms. Paradoxically, the pampered First World utopian ideal that the world should be intelligent, sustainable, and filled only with children who are wanted could backfire and create a planet crammed almost exclusively with emotionally, financially, and intellectually deprived Third World bastards.

This wasn’t the case before feminism came along to empower women and free them from childbearing’s oppressive shackles. It wasn’t the case until Big Brother morphed into Big Daddy and financially penalized the intelligent for reproducing as it gave handouts that encouraged cretins to spawn. It wasn’t the case during the Victorian Era, when it wasn’t considered so déclassé for wealthy and intelligent women to have children and when it’s estimated that the mean Western IQ was nearly 14 points higher than it is now.

That was, of course, the reasoning behind the Star Trek episode "Spock's Brain," in which a planet of cretins needed intelligent guidance, and Spock was chosen as the lucky donor of a sufficiently intelligent brain.

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ProudHillbilly said...

And, buried in United Nations data is the news that the world will start seeing large declines in population by mid-century, rendering some nations demographically irrelevant. Which is really what is at the core of Russia's anti-gay laws.