Saturday, December 28, 2013

For You Piers Morgan Fans Out There...

...Piers is in the habit of insulting people, both on his CNN show and his Twitter feed. He's been very disparaging of sports figures in football (soccer) and cricket. Recently a cricketer who has been subject to Morgan's ridicule got a chance to play a little catch-up:

Give Morgan a *little* credit, though, for standing up there and taking his licks like a man - - mostly.


Old NFO said...

Got 'some' of what he deserved... :-)

Anonymous said...

The fact that the misbegotten, nanny-state worshipping Welshman withstood a few hits from a well-bowled cricket ball raises him in my estimation not at all, but it is amusing to see him in a position where he cannot bully or shout his way out of his disadvantage.

Lets do it with some other sports - perhaps he can be featured as a shot put catcher?