Monday, December 30, 2013

Well, Freedom-Lovers, Here's Your Chance

via Amy Alkon:

LOS ANGELES, CA -- As drivers prove their innocence at warrantless police checkpoints this New Year, they will not only be scrutinized over their potential consumption of alcohol. A new technology will enable the police to detect and arrest drivers for having marijuana, narcotics, and "other drugs" in their bloodstreams.

The recently unveiled device is a portable saliva swab analyzer, capable of immediately sampling body fluids for the presence of foreign intoxicants. The machines were paid for by grants from the state.

...During police roadblocks, drivers are stopped without probable cause and forced into non-consensual interactions with government agents in which they must demonstrate their sobriety before being allowed to continue traveling down the public street.

The saliva swabs are but one of the searches that police can coerce a driver into allowing. Should the driver refuse a saliva search, the police can seek a warrant for a forced blood draw. Often in large checkpoint operations, a judge is placed on-call or on-site to sign such warrants to confiscate blood.

Such events are called "No Refusal" checkpoints, and they are gaining popularity in many states, such as Tennessee and Georgia. And with the new focus on targeting marijuana and narcotics, we can probably expect to see more of them than ever.

Well, there you go. You're officially warned. Your opportunity to fight for your liberty, as the Founding Fathers did, is now here. Are you prepared to be arrested? Beaten and tased? Thrown in jail? Killed, even? Hope you've discussed it with your family, have your will drawn up, have an attorney on speed-dial, etc. The time is now.


ProudHillbilly said... No you don't get my saliva without a warrant.

Old NFO said...

Out.Of.Control... Plain and simple

Anonymous said...

I dont think this will last long.

Even with a judge signing the warrant. Warrants can only be issued for probable cause, and " he denied me permission to search his car and/or bodily fluids" is NOT probable cause.

Some city, somewhere, is likely to pay some aggreived person a fair chunk of change for a 4th amendment violation.

I hope.