Saturday, December 28, 2013

Media Starting To Squirm In Its Own Spotlight?

A story at Mediaite speculates on media complicity in the latest knockout game attack, which appears to have been committed as a sort of experiment to see if media coverage of the Knockout Game would be different if the races involved were reversed.

As, of course, it has. Unlike every other Knockout Game attack, this latest one, in which the perpetrator was white and the victim was black (every other knockout game without exception has been a black perpetrator with white or Asian victims), media coverage has been comprehensive, and the race of the perpetrator has been prominently mentioned in stories, either in the headline or the lede paragraph. And, of course, this is the first time that federal hate crime charges have been brought in a Knockout Game attack.

So: double standard proved, both in media coverage and in prosecution by authorities. The perpetrator should be congratulated on a successful experiment, without overlooking the fact that it came at the expense of an elderly black man's health. Maybe now MSM outlets such as The New York Times can stop characterizing the Knockout Game as a "myth" to be dismissed in the name of racial harmony.

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