Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Neat Trick If You Can Pull It Off

"Navy's New Counting Rules Add Up To More Ships."

You might have missed it, but virtually overnight the Navy just grew, from 283 battle force ships to 291. A windfall purchase? A fast-track transfer? No, just a new way of counting the ships that carry out the Navy’s missions.

“We periodically assess the rules of how we count ships, and these changes better reflect the demands of our combatant commanders and the current mission requirements of our Navy’s battle force,” Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said. “These changes provide us with the flexibility we need to ensure we have the right ships, with the right capabilities, in the right location, to execute what is required of our maritime forces under the Defense Strategic Guidance.”

The changes have been in the works for years. A big difference is in the way ships qualify as members of the battle force. Ships that do not regularly deploy overseas, for example, won’t be counted, but ships of the same type that do will be included. Some non-combatant ships, including hospital ships and high-speed ferries, will be counted, since they fulfill certain missions even while lacking in firepower.

I wish I could increase my paycheck with such jiggery-pokery.


Rev. Paul said...

By the time they include whaleboats, canoes & the odd admiral's launch, we'll be back to a Viet Nam-sized fleet of 600+.


ASM826 said...

"I wish I could increase my paycheck with such jiggery-pokery."

You can. Absolutely. And when you get done, you can call yourself a millionaire.

You won't have any more real money and the navy won't have any more real ships, but both of you will have jiggered the numbers and everyone can feel better about things.