Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sailor Was Shot With Snatched Duty Sidearm

The intruder that killed a sailor on USS Mahan on Norfolk Naval Base had snatched the sidearm of the Petty Officer of the Watch during a struggle at the quarterdeck.

I don't know if it's still the case, but back when I served the issue 1911's were carried in the old-fashioned black leather belt holsters, with no real retention factor other than the weather flap to prevent just this sort of incident, and I doubt that sailors working as POOW have any training in weapon retention (or any hand-to-hand combat training, for that matter). Civilian police, of course, are trained to prevent assailants from snatching their sidearms, and have holsters that prevent just that situation from occurring.

Guess there's going to be a call going out for retention holsters in the near future for all Navy ships, and probably some minimal training to prevent this happening again.

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Anonymous said...

More likely senior naval commanders will question why the duty officer was armed at all. The trend is towards disarmament of individuals. This will be seen as another case of "only trained professionals should ever be armed".