Saturday, May 31, 2014

Solo Survival Without Gear

Englishman Ed Stafford marooned himself on a tropical island near Fiji, surviving for two months only on foodstuffs he managed to gather from the island.

He waded ashore without any clothes, no knife, no food or water; only an emergency satellite phone, a single bandage and some antibiotics. He had to make fire using only what he found on the island, but managed to do so. He made a knife from a piece of metal he found, dug a trench to collect rainwater, and ate hundreds of snails, among other foods he foraged. A high point was the killing and roasting of a goat, the island being home to a small herd of feral goats.

Looks like a book resulted from the experiment. It is, of course, much easier to survive in a tropical environment than in colder areas, since food is more readily available and avoiding hypothermia is easier.

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