Saturday, November 15, 2014

John Muir? Just Another Old White Guy

SJW's in the environmentalist movement are calling for John Muir to be chucked under the bus.

Environmentalists say they’ve moved past their 19th century patron saint John Muir because he represents the monied, white privilege that continues to haunt the environmental movement to this day, the Los Angeles Times reports.

In an effort to connect more with Latinos and African Americans, some environmentalists are considering ditching Muir as their intellectual godfather. Environmentalists say that while they respect his ideas, they represent rich, Anglo-Saxon values that likely alienate minority communities.

“Muir’s legacy has to go,” Jon Christensen, a historian at the University of California in Los Angeles’s Institute of Environment and Sustainability, told the Times. “It’s just not useful anymore.”

“The conservation movement reflects the legacy of John Muir, and its influence on a certain demographic — older and white — and that’s a problem,” Christensen said.

Hey, John Muir: check your privilege!

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ProudHillbilly said...

So how about that money, rich, white guy named Al Gore?