Monday, September 14, 2009


"Nessmuk" custom knife by Dan Koster. 1095 steel, natural Micarta handle, leather sheath, $205.00.

I can't really recommend doing business with Koster, unless you buy one of his knives at a knife show somewhere. I ordered a knife for immediate delivery back in May, and only received it last Friday, what was September 11th. He gave no real excuse for the delay, other than to offer a half-assed excuse that it had been lost in the mail. Who ships $200+ knives without insurance and/or a tracking number? No, it was never shipped, and since the Atlanta Blade Show occurred soon after he accepted payment from me, I fully suspect that my payment went toward his expenses for that show, and he took the knife promised to me and sold it there, then had to make another afterwards to send to me. Not good or ethical business practice, and I won't be doing any more business with the fellow, and I strongly recommend that you don't either, unless you happen to be at a knife show and can buy one off of his table.

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