Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bottle Message Travels From Bahamas To UK

Thrown by a Baltimore teenager from a cruise ship near Freeport, it washed ashore in Cornwall five years later.

An amazing journey. I'd guess that it was caught by the currents of the Gulf Stream, which flow through the Bahamas, up the eastern coast of the US, and past Iceland to end in the UK area. More amazing when you see the picture in the story and realize that it was probably a glass champagne bottle, subject to breakage if struck by a passing ship or other object.

My girlfriend Sara and I will be heading to the beach tomorrow for three days, and I will be throwing a bottle message off of a fishing pier while we are down there. I'm batting a thousand on my bottle messages so far; I've tossed two, and gotten two tales of bottles found. Hopefully I can maintain my record.

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