Thursday, September 03, 2009

In Personal News...

...on Monday evening I was awakened by my sister just after she arrived home, there was water spouting from the washing machine hose: it had burst. Part of my bedroom, the hallway, the bathroom and part of my sister's room were swimming in water which had been running for nearly two hours.

So, at this moment on Thursday morning a crew is ripping up carpet, padding and vinyl flooring in preparation for drying machines to be placed. Once the underlying wood flooring is dry, new carpet and vinyl flooring will have to be installed. The crew foreman says he'll have everything set up in four hours or so.

Luckily we rent, rather than own, so the expense isn't ours, other than possibly replacing the clothes dryer, which possibly got fried by the water. A new hose might repair the washing machine, we'll have to see.

Not a good week. The carpet being ripped up is less than five years old and was in teriffic shape.


Bill N said...

Bob there are automatic shut off devices that you can put in line between the valve and the hose to prevent this. You might mention that to your lanlord, they cost about 30 bucks each for hot and cold. A lot cheaper and less hassle.

Love the blog, especially the treasure posts.

Bob said...

@Bill N: thank you for that information, Bill. Much appreciated, glad you like the blog.