Thursday, March 04, 2010


A while back I posted an entry about one of the last of the Sheffield, UK, knifemakers, one Trevor Ablett, a "Little Mester" who hand-makes pocket knives. I ordered one of the knives and it just now got here:

As you can see, it's a Barlow pattern with a single clip-point blade of 1095 carbon steel, brass bolsters and pins, and stag handles. Price was £25.75 in UK pounds sterling, which works out to $38.88; with shipping from the UK, the total price in dollars was $49.45. Folks, for a hand-made knife with stag handles, that is an absolute steal; this man should be charging at least 3 times what he is for these knives. The fit and finish on the knife is excellent, also.

If you wish to purchase one of Trevor Ablett's knives, the website is here. I can't guarantee delivery times; he makes them by hand, and the newspaper article generated a lot of business for him. I'm happy, though. Great new knife!

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Rev. Paul said...

That looks nice.