Monday, March 15, 2010

It Had A Mind Of Its Own, Apparently

In a local Charlotte story, a gun (inanimate object) decided to take matters into its own hands:

An apparent episode of road rage in south Charlotte ended with five teenagers in custody and another teen injured.

Police were still sorting out details Sunday night, but said a teenager driving a Ford Focus got into an argument with a group of teenagers in a Ford Explorer on Fairview Road near Carmel Road.

The fight escalated, and the first teen, who has not been identified by police, confronted the five teenagers in the SUV, officers said.

“He actually got out of the car because he saw the driver of the other vehicle with a gun,” said Sgt. Bob Cooke of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Dept. Cooke said the gun looked “like an AK-47.” During the confrontation, said Cooke, the gun fired and injured the first teen.

Get that? Not one of the punkass teenage delinquents opened fire, but "the gun fired and injured the first teen."

You know what? Here on the desk near my left hand is a .45 Ruger revolver; a few feet away is a Russian surplus bolt-action rifle; neither of them has fired in this house the entire time I have owned them. And further, neither of them has fired anywhere else except when myself or someone with me was holding said gun, and placed finger pressure on the trigger. As a general rule, guns won't fire except in such circumstances.

I know that reporters have to qualify their statements, but damnation, guns don't fire themselves. People fire them.


Murphy's Law said...

Agree. Out of all my guns, I only have one that's fired itself inside my house when it shouldn't have...and that was because I'd touched the trigger without checking to ensure that it was unloaded. (It wasn't.)

Educational experience? You betcha.

Rev. Paul said...

My .45 auto hasn't ever gone off by itself. Must be defective. ;^)