Thursday, March 25, 2010

UK: Paramedics As Death Panels?

Looking like it:

A paramedic failed to carry out CPR on a heart attack patient and then left his dead body in a doorway, a hearing was told today.

Bryan George left the man in 'public gaze' collapsed outside his house and drove off, the Health Professions Council heard.

He failed to undertake CPR or take an electrocardiogram and then did not complete a diagnosis of death form before going, it is claimed.

This is the second such story I have found in the UK newspapers recently.

If they aren't actually acting as death panels, they at the very least can be accused of a level of callousness that is unprofessional.


TOTWTYTR said...

It's not a death panel, but at the least it is poor documentation. It's not at all uncommon in this country to either not initiate or to terminate CPR in cases where it's futile to continue.

There are however, several steps that must be taken to ensure that the decision is the correct on and that it is properly documented as such.

In this case, at least from the media reports, it seems that procedure was not followed.

Ronsonic said...

"George, of Saltburn-by-the-Sea, has indicated he no longer wishes to practise as a paramedic."

"Indicated," indeed.