Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bill Whittle's Wonderful Idea

In Bill Whittle's lastest Afterburner video for Pajamas Media, he discusses the Declaration of Independence, the actual document itself in Washington, DC. He notes that the writing on the document after 234 years is for the most part no longer legible, so he set himself to handwriting a copy in ink on paper. What a wonderful idea, what a wonderful project, not only for the average American, but more specifically for our children in school: copy out our founding documents, not just the Declaration but also the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I myself will probably do this very soon; I have the pens, I just need to buy some high-quality paper on which to copy the documents.

Thank you, Bill Whittle, for a wonderful idea. It would be even more marvelous if the idea spread and became a national phenomenon.

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