Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dead At the Bottom of a Well

Over in Rockingham, NC, a hiker made a gruesome discovery.

Authorities are investigating the discovery of skeletal remains near an abandoned cotton mill in Richmond County.

The Richmond County Journal reported that a 26-year-old Charlotte man who was exploring the mill and taking photos discovered the remains.

The man, Walter Burlington, says he saw pants, a belt and a rib cage Thursday afternoon. Rockingham police Chief Billy Kelly says Burlington found the remains in a well.

I blogged on a similar story several years ago. In that case a Spaniard who fell into a well while hunting ended up blowing his brains out after three days when no one responded to his calls for help.

Did this person suffer a similar fate, or was he a murder victim who was thrown into the well to hide the body? More details will be needed, and with the remains in a skeletal condition, determining cause of death may be problematic.


Old NFO said...

Ouch, NOT a good thing to find, but maybe it will ease some family's concerns because they will at least 'know' what happened.

Bob said...

@Old NFO: and spend the rest of their lives wondering about his last days of life, I guess.