Thursday, July 19, 2012

Report: FBI Refused To Investigate Fort Hood Shooter...

...because of political correctness:

The FBI was too concerned about political correctness and did not launch an investigation into a man who was later charged with killing 13 people in a 2009 attack at the Fort Hood military installation in Texas, despite significant warning signs that he was an Islamic extremist bent on killing civilians, according to a lawmaker briefed on a new report about the terrorist attack.
In emails to a known terrorist, Army Maj. Nidal Hasan expressed his support for suicide bombings and killing civilians, while the terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki, encouraged Hasan to stay in touch, Republican Rep. Michael McCaul, told The Associated Press on Wednesday after he was briefed on the findings of a new review of the attack.
The review was done by former FBI Director William Webster and was more than two years in the making. FBI Director Robert Mueller asked that Webster conduct an independent review, and the bureau is expected to release an unclassified version this week.

Well, when you have a President who bows before the king of Saudi Arabia and whose Justice Department makes a point of censoring Muslim extremism from terrorism manuals and military classes on terrorism, what did you expect?


Unknown said...

The Army, indeed all the services, guard their turf. Middle management drops the ball - (see: Abu Grb/gay grab-ass/straight grab-ass/chronic DUI's & 1000 other charlie foxtrots) A Major (O-4), clean record, granted, maybe a little eccentric CAN be handled by the XO. errr...Until he shoots him. Live & learn.

Borepatch said...

Remember, the political correctness dated to the Bush administration. The rot runs deep.