Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Samaritan, Suckered

He saw her by the side of the road, standing beside a van, looking as if she needed assistance.

He felt safe, it was only a woman. He had a 9mm pistol in his glove compartment, but hell, it was just a woman needing help. He got out of the car, leaving the pistol behind.

Suddenly two men burst out of the van, guns in hand.


It happens a lot on lonely roads, especially at night. If you see a woman by a car late at night and it looks as if she needs help...stop your car a mile down from where you saw her and call the police for her. That's what they are paid for. The woman won't suffer too much misery in the few minutes it takes a patrol car to show up, and you can go your way feeling good that you were able to help.


Rev. Paul said...

In other words, don't be "that guy".

Great advice.

Unknown said...

Worst. Dear. Penthouse. Letter. Ever.