Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Glock Question

Anyone own one of the sub-compact Glocks? I'm thinking specifically of the 26 in 9mm, and am wondering if they are as reliable as the full-sized Glocks. Would like your opinions.


roscoe said...

I'm very happy with my G26. I thought that it might be too small in my hand, but it's not. The "footprint" is equivalent to a j-frame revolver. Ankle carry is reasonable, pocket carry--not so much.
I like that it will take any other same caliber Glock magazine. 10+1 in the gun and a 15 or 17 round reload are reasonable and easy to carry concealed.
Accuracy and functionality are fine. The grip angle is different from other pistols but that's a training and familiarity issue.
There are tons of accessories as well. Lots of options there.

roscoe said...

Sorry, I got a little gushy there and didn't really answer your question. I have found the 26 to be just as reliable as the 19 I previously carried. I heard that the FBI had frame flex issues with the subcompact Glock 27 in .40 caliber but they still authorize it.

Anonymous said...

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