Sunday, July 15, 2012

I've Figured It Out

In whining about Obama's Bain attacks, and demanding apologies for same, Mitt Romney is setting himself up as the Ashley Wilkes to Obama's Rhett Butler:

In a sense, he is the character best personifying the tragedy of the Southern high class after the Civil War. Coming from a privileged background, Ashley is an honorable and educated man. He is in clear contrast to Rhett Butler, who is decisive and full of life, but is vulgar and distasteful as well. Rhett is both ruthless and practical, and is willing to do whatever he must to survive, whereas Ashley is often impractical (even Melanie admits this on her deathbed), and would resist doing many things Rhett would consider doing, because they aren't "proper" or "gentlemanly".

Doesn't that just describe the difference between the two men? Mitt isn't going to win if he insists on bringing a knife to Obama's gunfight. Obama's already shown that he's going to play by Chicago smash-mouth rules, not Marquess of Queensberry Rules. The sooner Mitt realizes this, the sooner he can start winning.

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