Thursday, January 03, 2013

When You Say Our Military Won't Confront Gun Owners...

...keep this story in the back of your mind.

HARRISON COUNTY, Miss. -- A Saucier, Miss., hunter suspects his father's deer dog is dead.

H.W. Krohn doesn't have proof, just a bloody collar he's turned over to Naval Construction Battalion Center investigators and a sad story to tell.

Krohn has hunted the woods around Mississippi 15 for most of his 57 years, and more than once he's had a few deer dogs end up on Camp Keller, where the military's Woolmarket Rifle & Pistol Range is located.

Usually the dogs come back out the same way they went in -- through a barbed-wire fence in the back of the ammunitions range off Mississippi 67, he said.

On Dec. 29, Krohn's father's 2-year-old Walker named Lil Gray and another dog ran a yearling deer onto the federal property.

The dogs had trailed the deer for eight to 10 miles, crossing several roads before they slipped through the fence at the back of the rifle range.

That area is off limits to civilians and "keep out" signs are posted around the chain-link and barbed-wire fenced property, NCBC Public Affairs Officer Rob Mims said.

Krohn believes a Navy security officer shot and killed the two dogs that day while he and the other dog's owner were calling for them from outside the fence.

Click the link to read the rest. Militant gun owners often claim that police and military won't confront them in an any sort of gun ban/confiscation scenario, that the two groups will put their oath to the Constitution above their duty as government employees. Existing research, such as the Milgram Obedience To Authority Experiment and the Stanford Prison Experiment tend to contradict this belief.

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