Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wish I'd Had a Camera Handy

Our little community of Indian Trail, North Carolina, gives households two rolling garbage containers, one for recyclable trash, one for everything else. Today was garbage day so everyone rolled their containers up to the street.

My neighbor across the street just got home. His house is atop a rise, his driveway is about 10 yards long and slopes down to the street. Neighbor, rather than pulling his car into the driveway and walking back down for the garbage bins, stopped his car at the bottom of the drive, got out, and lifted one garbage bin onto the trunk lid of his car. He then got into the car, stuck his left hand out of the window, and grabbed the handle of the other container, released the parking brake on the car, and drove up the drive with one container on the trunk and the other rolling alongside the car.

I'll point out that it's January 30th and he still has his Christmas lights out, as well.

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Murphy's Law said...

Hey, man. That sounds like how I pick up my trash bins.

And my ceramic Christmas tree is still on my living room table, too. But at least I unplugged it.