Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Humorous Confederate History Detail

This one regarding General Nathan George "Shanks" Evans, (no relation, as far as I know) who distinguished himself at the Battle of First Manassas:

He was commissioned a colonel and commanded a small brigade at the First Battle of Bull Run, where he was the first Confederate field commander to perceive the Union intent to attack the Confederate left flank at dawn. His command went far toward saving the day for the South. During the thick of the fight, he was everywhere, closely followed by an aide carrying his "barrelito" (small barrel) of Evans' favorite whiskey on his back.


That's a comical picture, certainly. I guess the aide must have had some sort of tin cup for the Colonel's use. I guess the Colonel would ride up to the aide, take the cup, and then have the aide turn around so that the Colonel could dispense the whiskey. Or perhaps the aide removed the "barrelito" from his back and dispensed the whiskey himself? Sounds Monty Python-esque.

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