Sunday, April 18, 2010

Can You Guess...

...where Sara and I were on Saturday?

The day was not without its dangers, however. We got underway at 9:00 a.m., and as we traveled up US 601 just north of Salisbury, NC, we were rear-ended by another car; no pics of that one, I'm afraid, I wasn't thinking about blogging at that particular moment. Sara's car was relatively undamaged, other than some cosmetic damage to the rear bumper; the other car's radiator was ruptured and they ended up having to be towed. No one hurt, thank all the gods. We went on our way carefully, prepared to return to Charlotte or even Salisbury depending on how the car was running, but after a few miles it became apparent that Sara's Honda had suffered no real damage. She'll be taking it into the shop on Monday for repairs to the bumper, paid for by the insurance of the young lady who hit us.

We didn't get to sample the famous pork chop sandwiches at the Snappy Lunch, it was just too busy; all of eateries on Main Street were packed, so we headed out to the commercial part of town to sample one of these headline-making sandwiches:

Yes, it's the infamous artery-clogging Double Down sandwich, made up of cheese, bacon, secret special mayonnaise sauce, with two deep-fried chicken breasts serving as buns. Here's the Catch-22 about the Double Down: you can't eat it right out of the oil, as it's too hot to hold in your hands; if it's cool enough to hold in your hands, it's really a bit too cool to be at its best.

But, other than the accident, it was a very good day, and we had a lot of fun. Can't ask for much more than that.


Borepatch said...

Is Mayberry all Disnified? Is it worth the trip?

Bob said...

@Borepatch: Mt. Airy isn't a theme park; it is the "historic district" of Andy Griffith's home town, the old downtown area, not much different than other small North Carolina towns. It's in the foothill country near the NC/VA border; the young Yadkin river flows south of the town. The town center, based on Main Street, is where all the Mayberry-themed shops are, along with the Snappy Lunch and other eateries; Wally's Service station, the Mayberry Courthouse, and Griffith's home are a few blocks away. You can get live music on Main Street, and there is an Andy Griffith Playhouse where there is probably live entertainment. Pilot Mountain State Park and Hanging Rock State Park are nearby for hiking/camping, and the Blue Ridge Parkway winds away northeast of Mt. Airy in Virginia.

You can see all that Mt. Airy offers in an afternoon's visit; it's a day trip and an opportunity to buy memorabilia if you're a fan of the show; the pics I took cover most of what you can see.

Borepatch said...

We drive past there (sort of) when we come down from Mordor. Sounds like it's worth a stop.

Murphy's Law said...

I have much history in that little town, having smashed up two army trucks on I-77 as I passed through.
I was driving one, had the other on a tow bar when I encountered a drunk driver in a construction zone who tried to pass me where there wasn't any room. The end result was one truck destroyed, the other damaged but fixable, one drunk's car totaled, two sections of Jersey barrier destroyed, and all of I-77 shut down north and southbound for three hours. (Yeah, I was popular that day!) I was there several times over the next few months as a result, and I could not help but come to like the people there that I got to know, esp. Vern, heavy truck mechanic and emergency wrecker operator. Hey Vern!

Bob said...

@Murphy's Law: Great story!