Friday, April 16, 2010

UK Health Care: Oops, Sorry About That, Part 7,924

But we promise to do better next time.

You know what? Maybe the perception of what comprises a death panel isn't so much a small group of cold-eyed, heartless bureaucrats making decisions on who is to live and who is to die based on cost-benefit analysis; maybe it's simply apathetic nurses and apologetic, ineffectual doctors, because it certainly seems that such people effectively ended Mrs. Kennedy's life as efficiently as the heartless bureaucrats would have.

update: and the heartless thieves will even steal the rings from your amputated arm.

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wally said...

Now we're making some progress! There may not be actual death panels, just incompetent, negligent, and nefarious individuals. Your unspoken implication is that this phenomenon is unique to countries with universal healthcare. If only it were so! In fact, you needn't have crossed the ocean to find incidents as heinous as the amputated arm. Not so long ago right here in Norfolk, a nurse was convicted of stealing credit cards from an ICU patient and running up huge bills.