Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Meanwhile, In Arkansas...

(I can already hear my readers saying uh oh!)

Meanwhile, in Arkansas, the family of the ironically-named Darwin Aaron nearly died after eating gar eggs.

Only after Darwin, his brother Russell and his son Carson were all puking their guts up did Aaron's wife, Tiffany, think to look up gar eggs on the internet and discover that eggs of all gar species are poisonous.

In case you haven't ever seen one, here is a pic of a longnose gar:

I didn't know that gar eggs were poisonous, either, but then I've never been seized with a sudden desire to eat either the eggs or the gar itself. In Florida my grandfather Robert Ivy Evans (Pah Paw, we called him) used to fish for gar at night, and when he got them up to the dock he'd blast them with a shotgun, then would use the dead gar for fertilizer in his garden. We considered them trash fish.


Karen said...

It seems that your insensitive comments towards the Aaron family were made without much thought as to their feelings. There are people all over our great country that eat things that you and I may deem "trash" such as escargot, rattlesnake, octopus (in AK they eat fermented fish heads) and many other things that we are most likely not aware of. And how often do you research someting before eating it for the first time. At least Tiffany had the smarts to look it up and see if that was why they were ill.
The fact that gar eggs are poisionous is not a well known fact and a vast amount of people eat roe so it would have to be assumed that gar eggs were a safe thing to eat as well.
I have known Darwin and his brother Russell for almost 13 years and they are men of great integrity and loved by all who know them.
You made a hasty judegement against some people of whom you have no knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Bob probably eats eggs that come from a chickens butt. Gosh, if people thought about it what about the people who eat hog intestines--chitlins'--does he consider that trash? I would!! Bob needs to not be so 'hurtful' toward his thoughts of Arkansans. Isn't he being a little belittling? By the way, tonights Possum Pot Pie nite...mmmmmmmm!!