Thursday, April 15, 2010

You Criminal, You

Where else but UK can a man without a criminal record be arrested, charged and tried for the crime of owning a Swiss Army Knife and keeping same in his car glove box for picnics and emergency car repairs?

He's 61 years old and walks with a cane, also.

Care to comment on this one, Walt? Non-tabloid version here.

Menace To Society


Dave said...

Just to think the number of times I walked around the UK high street back in the late 80's, with a swiss army knife in my pocket.

Cause I was a freakin' boy scout...

wally said...

Sounds pretty dumb, all right. Guess I'm just less focused on outrages in the UK than you are.

If a majority of Brits are as incensed as you, then they should elect representatives of similar minds in the next election.