Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ooo Aaaah Oooo Aaaah Aaaah!

A female UK teacher on trial for having sex with a student claimed in her defense that the boy forced his way into her bedroom, where he made noises of sexual gratification, apparently to frame her for the crime.

Lady, you're making yourself into a laughingstock with that defense. Just admit you had a craving for some veal and be done with it, ok?

Here's a pic of our veal-eating teacher:

Likes Veal.

update: She was acquitted at trial. Maybe not a veal-eater after all?


Julie said...

can't do 'veal' ... i like my meat mature :)

Bob said...

@Julie: You like your game well-hung, Julie? ;)

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered about the "mental age" of these predators? Do they go after the "young" ones because they view themselves as young? Young meaning the same age as the victim.


Mrs. Widget said...

They do it for power.

Gosh, I teach high school. Have you ever looked at teen age boys? I mean really looked at them? They are one step away from thinking armpit jokes are funny.