Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Taliban Marksmanship

The New York Times features a good article on Taliban marksmanship (or lack thereof) in Afghanistan.

The poor level of marksmanship can be summarized thus: old, poorly maintained weapons of a type not noted for accuracy (AK-47); old, mismatched ammunition; troops poorly trained in marksmanship, often with eye problems exacerbating; and long distances for which the AK-47 was not designed.

h/t Say Uncle.

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Anonymous said...

During the Vietnam War the US inserted some extremely dangerous ammunition which was indiscernible from good ammo into Viet Cong supplies. It was only a few rounds, but caused several deaths and dismemberments of Viet Cong who used it in their AK47's and SKS's causing much fear and distrust of ammo supplies. I wonder if such a tactic used against Al-Quaeda and the Taliban might have good effect.