Thursday, April 01, 2010

I, Too, Shall Expose The Stupidity Of This DEMOCRAT Congressman

Pretty much everyone on the right side of the blogosphere has linked it already, so I may as well also, since it's usually a good idea to give stupidity as wide an exposure as possible.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Representative Hank Johnson, DEMOCRAT from Georgia, fears that if too many people live on/stand on/dwell on/walk around on the island of Guam, that it may tip over and capsize:

Apparently Congressman Johnson heard about the science of continental drift and concluded that land masses just sort of float around on the ocean.


wally said...

I think it has less to do with him being a Democrat, and more to do with him being from Georgia ;)

Bob said...

@wally: Could be, Walt. The woman that this man replaced - - Cynthia McKinney - - was no rocket scientist, herself.