Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Boy Is Big Enough For a .22, At Least

Lord knows he shouldn't have to face down a mountain lion with only a sheath knife.

BOISE, Idaho A 10-year-old Idaho boy who came face-to-face with a mountain lion in rural Boise County escaped with minor scratches - and concerns that his friends at school wouldn't believe his story, according to state wildlife managers.

The boy came across the mountain lion while searching for a missing hunting dog with his father near their home in a rural subdivision about 15 to 20 miles northeast of Boise. The boy ran from the predator but stumbled and fell. It was then the mountain lion took a swipe, scratching the boy's arm and hand.

The child then yelled to his father and stood up, pulling out a hunting knife, which made the predator back down and gave the dad enough time to fire off several shots from his 9mm handgun to scare the lion away, O'Connell said.

Excuse me, "scare the lion away?" The lion just attacked his son, and he's going to worry about the lion's welfare? *shakes head sadly*

Boy is old enough for a .22, at the very least. Give that boy a Ruger 10/22 and I bet he'd have had him a dead cat in short order, and a rug for his room.

Incidentally: Patrick Leahy Is Eric Holder's Punkass Flunky Boy.


wally said...

"Macho, macho man
I wanna be
A macho man..."

Bob said...

@wally: Yah, he needs to go to a gun store and buy a bigger penis, right? Or maybe the State should require that he play with Barbie so that he learns empathy for other genders?

Jon said...

This is the second mountain lion incident we've had in Boise in the last few weeks. The police shot one to death in the middle of town right by the hospital. Once they've lost their fear of humans, there's not much else to do but kill them.