Monday, September 19, 2011

Whip It Out, the Meme

Og is starting a meme, and since I'm more a knife guy than a gun guy, I can participate in this one:

Seen in this photo are a Spyderco Ambitious, a Wenger Commander SAK, a limited-edition Boy Scout pattern made by Keen Kutter, and a Drover by Blind Horse Knives. I typically carry the Spyderco and the Boy Scout at work, the one clipped to my pocket, the other in a belt pouch. The Wenger SAK goes into a belt pouch that also contains a butane lighter, compass, cell phone, dental floss, chapstick, flashlight, magnifier and some meds. I don't wear the belt pouch while at work, but keep it with my briefcase.

At home I typically wear the Blind Horse Knives Drover, with the Wenger SAK available in the belt pouch if I go out.


og said...


wally said...

Lots of people misunderstand the true nature of a meme.

Bob said...

@wally: good thing our betters are there to patronize us over it.

wally said...

Write you are! Dam those elitists! Who need's standerds?