Tuesday, September 20, 2011


According to an eBay seller, anyway.

Judge for yourself:

My question is this, of course: if a vampire can't cast a reflection in a mirror or a shadow, how can he be photographed?


ASM826 said...

Might could be photographed now. Might even cast a reflection in modern mirrors. It was only the silver backed mirrors they didn't reflect in. So they wouldn't show up in a photo developed with silver solution, like the old ones.

But modern mirrors? Backed with aluminum. And modern cameras? The sensor is made of doped silicon. I figure Vlad would show right up.

Bob S. said...

At the time, I don't think cameras used mirrors to reflect the image onto the film, did they?

ASM826 said...

No, but they used silver halide in the film emulsion and the developing paper.

Squirrely wrath said...

"There can be only one." Who knew it was Nicholas Cage?