Saturday, September 10, 2011

Irony of the Day

Amy Winehouse died because there were not drugs and alcohol in her system.


Anonymous said...

Oh man...this is so typical of an addictive behavior....trying to detox on their own terms. Doing it by themselves in the privacy of their own homes. Seesh, when we would get alckies in the ER requesting detox, we immediately started them on librium to help check the DT's that were 'acomin!!!

Somebody as seriously messed up as Amy Winehouse, should NOT HAVE BEEN ALLOWED to detox by herself. Or even to be ALONE for the first 2 weeks. And don't try to tell me it was the fault of a one payor health system. I can just see Amy insisting that she could handle it by herself at home. And her entourage (hind tit suckers) saying, "ok Amy, you know what's best".

Well the jokes on them, now they will have to find another tit to suck!


Murphy's Law said...

Not sure that I believe the family's version of the autopsy report. They have an interest in making her appear more sympathetic in death. Has any official report been released other than through them?

Bob said...

@Murphy's Law: I think the coroner's report has already been released, and said that no illegal drugs were in her system at time of death. Can't recall if that included alcohol.

ASM826 said...

She still destroyed herself. A waste of her talent and life.