Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bright Orange For the Croc*

Snappy, a captive crocodile in Australia, has turned orange after damaging the water filter to his enclosure.


There's also a video at the link.

*extra points for the person identifying the inspiration for the blog post title. Answer in Comments.


Anonymous said...

take off of a john d macdonald title from the travis mcgee series; bright orange for the shroud? what do i win? what do i win?

Bob said...

@Anonymous: You win! Your prize is the warm glow of satisfaction that comes from being a reader of the late, great John D. MacDonald.

Anonymous said...

wow....that explains the strange feelings i've had for the last few hours. much appreciated.

with the death of robert b parker i don't know who to turn to for a good detective read these days. suggestions?

Bob said...

@anonymous: you might try Andrew Vachss' Burke novels, starting with the first one, Flood.