Thursday, November 01, 2012

Charlotte-Douglas Airport Has Worms...

...but no place to fish.

One and a half million red wiggler worms originally from Georgia have moved into their new home at Charlotte Douglas International Airport’s recycling center, where they’re devouring food scraps and other trash that air travelers leave behind.

About three years after it was conceived, the $1.1 million recycling center is up and running, and has reduced the trash the airport sends to landfills by about 70 percent, officials said Thursday at the Airport Advisory Committee meeting.

Did you get that part about the worms originally being from Georgia? How many of you know that former president Jimmy Carter had a cousin, Hugh Carter, who was an earthworm entrepreneur? Had one of the biggest earthworm operations in the US. Carter's worm farm closed years ago, but there are other worm farmers in Georgia who got their start from Hugh Carter.

And funnily enough, one of former president Jimmy's most successful ventures has been to help rid Africa of Guinea Worm disease, a horrible parasitic scourge.

The Carters of Georgia. They loves them some worms.

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