Wednesday, November 07, 2012

For You Foodies... might want to try your hand at making an eastern North Carolina Cheese Biscuit:

The best way to explain an Eastern North Carolina cheese biscuit is first to explain what it is not.

It is not a biscuit with shredded cheese worked into the dough, like those served at Red Lobster. It is not a biscuit cut in half and glued together with a slice of melted cheese, like the Cheddar Bo served at Bojangles’, mainly east of Interstate 95 in North Carolina and southeastern Virginia.

You have to eat one before you can wrap your mind around what it is: a biscuit with a hunk of hoop cheese baked in the center.

The crisp outer shell of the biscuits at Abrams restaurant in Tarboro is more remniscent of dinner rolls than tender breakfast biscuits. While the greasy cheese filling turns some folks off, it leaves fans plotting how to get their next fix.

Whenever Melissa Pitt of Tarboro is near Abrams, she says, “I have to come by here.” Sitting in the drive-thru line, she explains why: “The cheese – I don’t know – it’s unbelievable.”

Or, for you people living in eastern North Carolina, just go to Tarboro and get one fresh, I'd say.

Here's a pic:

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ProudHillbilly said...

Huh. All those years my folks lived in Rocky Mount and I never heard of those.