Friday, November 09, 2012

Headed For the Boneyard

A fine analysis of the recent election massacre by Pat Buchanan.

Still, the GOP crisis is not so much illegal as legal immigration. Forty million legal immigrants have arrived in recent decades. Some 85 percent come from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Most arrived lacking the academic, language and labor skills to compete for high-paying jobs.

What does government do for them?

Subsidizes their housing and provides free education for their kids from Head Start through K-12, plus food stamps and school lunches, Pell Grants and student loans for college, Medicaid if they are sick, earned income tax credits if they work and 99 weeks of unemployment checks if they lose their job.

These are people who depend upon government.

Why would they vote for a party that is going to cut taxes they do not pay, but take away government benefits they do receive?

Again it needs be said. When the country looks like California demographically, it will look like California politically. Republicans are not whistling past the graveyard. They are right at the entrance.

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Murphy's Law said...

You can thank the Clinton Administration to opening the US to the entire losing side of the civil war in Somalia. (And Bush never bothered shutting that door. They still arrive.) Now we have tens of thousands of them who don't bother working or learning our language more than needed to request welfare benefits. We pay all of their bills.

They all get to vote, though.

Old NFO said...

Murph beat me to it... dammit...