Friday, November 02, 2012

Doubtless He'll Make An Exception For Eric Holder

"Obama not a 'pardoning' kind of president."

President Obama unquestionably leads his predecessors in at least one area: Denial of pardon and clemency requests.

Obama has pardoned only 22 individuals during his time in office, while denying 1,019 other clemency requests, according to an analysis by the ProPublica website.

Obama "has given pardons to roughly 1 of every 50 individuals whose applications were processed by the Justice Department," reports ProPublica.

"At this point in his presidency, " the investigative website added, "Ronald Reagan had pardoned 1 of every 3 such applicants. George H.W. Bush had pardoned 1 in 16. Bill Clinton had pardoned 1 in 8. George W. Bush had pardoned 1 in 33."

Interestingly, the subject for this article wouldn't have come up if the media were certain of Obama winning a second term...

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