Monday, November 19, 2012

Non-Post Post

I'm posting this on the principle that you should try to post something to your blog daily.

I was back at work last night after a week's vacation. It was a poor man's vacation, with no money to go anywhere. This morning I went to get my car inspected and my car registration renewed - - done and done. My car is so old that it has no onboard diagnostic computer to plug into, so here in NC all it has to do is pass a safety inspection, which consists of verifying that the lights all work and that the windshield wipers are in good shape. $13 and out the door.

More later.


Rev. Paul said...

Vehicle inspections have gone by the wayside, here. Just pay the renewal & motor on.

Jack Rackim said...

Vehicle inspection in Pennsylvania, $82.00. Visual inspection, emission test and inspection sticker. Just another form of tax.
Although, without an inspection how would anyone know their brakes needed replaced or even pay attention to the tire treads?