Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Meanwhile, In Rock Hill, South Carolina...

...familiarly known to locals as Rock Hell, a man was shot by four men who were interested in seeing a woman's toes:

A family cookout in Rock Hill turned sour Friday night when a man was shot in the leg after relatives tried to defend a woman from four men who allegedly wanted to see her toes.

Shortly before midnight, police received calls about a man with a gun at a Jefferson Avenue home, according to a Rock Hill police report. Police saw the gunman standing in the middle of the street shooting towards the home. The man ran away but police found 45-year-old Bobby Allen Patterson on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound just above his right ankle.

Police spoke with several witnesses who said they were having a cookout at the house when four men began arguing with a 39-year-old woman, who refused to show them her toes, according to the report. The men called her profane names, convincing the woman’s brother to make them leave the house.

Less than five minutes after leaving in a burgundy Dodge Durango, the men walked up Jefferson Avenue from Rich Street, shouting for the brother to come out in the street to fight.

Didn't know that Rock Hell was home to feral toe fetishists. Live and learn.

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