Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fish Got To Swim, Birds Got To Fly...

...and the Usual Suspects® got to rob people, even when they are out on bail for murder.

A Wilmington teen out on bail for a deadly June armed robbery in which a food delivery driver was killed is back in custody again, accused in two downtown armed robberies over the weekend.

You think that in these situations, when the accused comes before the judge again, that bail would be revoked on the original offense and the accused remanded to keep the public safe. Guess that's not how it works, huh?

Arm yourselves, because the government doesn't care about your safety. And follow John Derbyshire's advice on common-sense precautions to take when travelling or making a decision on where to live.

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Stephen said...

And still people ask why I carry a gun twenty-four seven. Idiots.