Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Random Election Night Musings*

If the economy isn't back by 2016, who will President Biden blame for it?

Scalia and Thomas are going to be really old in 2016. Even older in 2020. I don't think the 2nd Amendment can hold out that long.

Mussolini, Ted?

I hope Rachel Lucas has passed out by now. It's nearly dawn in Italy.

So: I'm guessing Eric Holder for Obama's next Supreme Court pick.

This played out as a photographic negative of the 2004 campaign, with Romney as our version of John Kerry, and Obama as the Left's marginally-popular George Bush.

My own state of North Carolina chose Romney over Obama, but it's still a purple state that can't be called reliably Republican any more. We elected a good Republican governor, Pat McCrory, who if he does a good job might be talked about for VP or even run for President on his own in the future.

*will add to these as I think of them.

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