Tuesday, June 02, 2009

But No, Don't Advise Her To Buy A Gun And Get A CCW License

MONROE, N.C. Heather Thompson's blackened and bloodied face has served as a warning to battered women in North Carolina. On a billboard and in brochures, she tells them they can get help.

Since her ex-husband used pliers and a broom handle and a belt to abuse her 15 years ago, leaving her with permanent disabilities, she's shuffled to high schools to counsel students and taught law enforcement officers about domestic violence.

But always, in the back of her head, was the vow Thomas Howard Price Jr. made in a letter from prison. On Friday he was released, and she began waiting for him to make good on his promise to kill her and her daughters.

"Is he coming today, is it going to be tomorrow?" she said before he was released last week. "Just the always wondering, always having to watch your every move and never knowing when he's going to show up."

As it is, Heather Thompson probably couldn't even use a gun with her right hand, damaged during a savage beating by her scumbag ex-husband; she'd have to use her left hand.

And if the scumbag makes good on his threat, all the social workers and parole officers will shake their heads sadly and make sympathetic noises, what a tragedy, we couldn't have known, no one's at fault, and so on ad nauseum.

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